Shakedown Espeler – Aldringen (Burg-Reuland)

The Shakedown will start on Thursday 21 September at 5pm and will end +/- at 10pm. During this test session, the competitors of the East Belgian Rally will be able to set up their car for Saturday’s event on a varied 7 km track.

The spectator point (1) is located in the village ALDRINGEN, where the cars will pass 2 times and give a great show at a hairpin. The spectator point (2) is located in ESPELER. There you will see from a natural grandstand the long downhill coming from Aldringen, followed by a technical tight combination right in front of your eyes.
At both spectator points there are optimal parking possibilities and a lot of space for the spectators.
Please approach the two spectator points using the “PUBLIC” arrows only.

The service area (1) for the participants is located between Espeler and Thommen. The spectators have no entrance here. The service place (2) for some big teams with trucks is located in the village center of ESPLER. The spectators are allowed to enter this and watch the teams optimizing their cars.

For your safety

We ask the public to avoid the prohibited areas (see plan) and always stand in the designated safe spectator areas. Please follow the instructions of the stewards and marshals at all times.

Please respect the private property of residents and do not park wildly in front of garage entrances or on private property. It goes without saying that you should also not leave any rubbish along the route. Please use the designated parking spaces and always leave enough room for the emergency vehicles!

This way, this evening will be a great sporting event for everyone, which you should not miss.

The organisers of AMC St. Vith and TAC Tielt thank you for the good cooperation with the local authorities and clubs.